Today ( Part 2 )

School was decent, the day started with the mile run as usual ( we’d probably only not do it if it was hail and snow and even then they’d make us have a brisk jog ) when I talked to my friends. After 15 minutes , they called us back in .

First lesson , maths . It’s usually my second favourite subject (favourite being Lictracy ) but today I was left dumbfounded , multiplying decimals and area mixed into one lesson – really ? 😕😕😕

Next , English ; we had to come up with a piece about the seaside /beach . I manged a page and a third but was easily beaten ( when it comes to speed ) by my friend who’d done 2 pages 10 minutes before me .

After lunch , we had R.E . At the moment, we’re rehersing for an Easter assembly so we really had to make some progress however everyone prefered to talk about Roblox and Jeffy (?) . 

Finally, we got to go home and that brings me to the present ; me in the living room listening to Spotify .


4 thoughts on “Today ( Part 2 )

  1. Phew what a day! Maths and literacy never been my strong point , but beach and Spotify now we’re talking ! What were you listening to ? I’ve been listening to a lot of Moulin Rouge soundtrack and uplifting ethnic music dreaming of travelling and beaching 😉
    Happy weekend !

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