Wacky Wednesday

Half Term, a week off school and I’m as bored as the xmas decorations in the loft. After five minutes of doing nothing , I came up with a few tasks to occupy myself:

  1. Making a movie (I always had a thing for the director seat): download  iMovie – free – a fun app that allows you to create trailers and films with up to six people.
  2. Playing in the Olympics : okay not the real ones but you can still throw a javelin down the hallway and use your bedroom for the hundred metre sprint (go round it 70 times) .                                                      
  3. Going on a Hawaiian holiday: get that hula skirt on and keep on dancing till the sun goes down. Smoothie anyone?
  4. Programing a video game play Codemaster (costs $19.99 ) to program a game and have fun solving challenges . Can anybody help me on level 43 ?

P.S.: There is no Terrific Thursday

Which one’s your favourite ?


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