Mornings were made to be fun

Do you wake up at 5:00 am or sleep in to 1:00 pm ? In your opinion is brushing your teeth a waste of time? Make your morning marvelous with 3 easy steps :

  1. (For kids and adults too if they want) Download the Disney Magic Timer – a fun app that counts down from 2:00 minutes and scrubs out a sticker for their album. Can  you beat my record of 186 stickers ? Now brushing  teeth is fun.
  2. (For  families) Grab out that old chessboard or a classic snakes and ladders and play a game or two. Spend some quality  family time, that’s what kids want.                  
  3.  ( For parents) Lay out the kid’s clothes when going on holiday . Together decide what to take and what not to. Also for school, parties etc …



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